“Whether I’m speaking with a group of adults about Haydn or Berg or helping a graduate student improve a composition-in-progress, teaching is a learning experience for me also. The responsibility of teacher to student seems to galvanize my thoughts in a way that, I hope, transforms the habit of old knowledge into a new distillation…vital and perhaps even useful.”

Anthony Korf is available for seminars, master classes and workshops at the graduate and post graduate levels. His unique professional credentials as composer and artistic director of Parnassus and Riverside Symphony provide a fascinating, valuable and practical perspective to aspiring composers and musicians. Residencies may also feature Korf conducting concert or workshop performances of contemporary music, including his own work as well as that of student and faculty composers. Long regarded as a leading interpreter of modern music, including seminal works by 20th century masters, Korf’s artful handling of divergent styles has endowed a prolific repertoire.

“Mr. Korf’s conducting met a hellishly difficult job with confidence and skill…[He] probably served music for this hour before this audience of a few hundred, better than many of our better-known touring maestros during a career.”
Bernard Holland
“By Parnassus performances and Parnassus commissions, Korf has put New York and the musical world in his debt. He has gathered some of the most brilliant players in the country and forged them into an ensemble. He has championed composers whose works need virtuoso performance and has interpreted them with passion and precision.”
Andrew Porter